Vision Blue began out of unfortunate necessity. As an outdoor enthusiast and an avid fisherman, I more and more saw the results of careless people trashing the places I cherished the most. Have it be on a fishing trip in the Colorado mountains or a trip to the beach, I constantly saw trash everywhere. I have first hand seen the consequences of our poor judgment and questionable actions. I have seen fish ingest trash and die, waterfowl trapped in discarded fishing line, and observed beaches polluted with used fireworks, balloons, fishing nets, and even illegally dumped medical supplies. 


I invited some of my best friends and family to create a nonprofit that would focus on removing trash and debris from local waterways. I turned to social media for help and found like-minded people that shared my vision and compassion for quality time spent in the great outdoors. Together we now operate in the entire state of Texas and soon will begin to make footholds in other states across the U.S. 


In the first year, Vision Blue removed more than six thousand pounds of trash with the help of community leaders and dedicated volunteers.


Please be considerate of our environment and contact us to find out how you can help!


Drew Cox


Eric Underwood

Vice President

Matt Roberts

Secretary/ Treasurer

Jennifer Garcia

Environmental Programs Manager

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