Volunteers are needed for all events hosted in multiple locations for our upcoming events throughout Texas. Without volunteers, our events would not be possible and we appreciate your time, efforts, and dedication in being part of the solution to cleaner areas that are need of help. As a volunteer, your efforts do not go unnoticed, you are water warriors in your dedication in keeping our waters clean with compassion towards the outdoor environment. 

Currently, our events are on hold until further notice in part of large groups unable to gather due to COVID-19. We encourage your safety and well-being during these times.  If you as an individual are doing your part while practicing social distancing to keep waters clean in any form of waterways: oceans, lakes, bayous, wetlands, etc., send us a picture, name, and location to be presented on our social media pages. Send us an email on our contact page or add #visionblueorganization on your Instagram page to be acknowledged and thanked personally. 

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